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Consultant Job – Scientific Writer at World Health Organization

Consultant Job – Scientific Writer at World Health Organization… See details on how to apply for the opportunities available at World Health Organization.


The World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health. It was established on 7 April 1948, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Purpose of consultancy

The consultant will act as the scientific writer and contribute to the development and publication of key strategic and scientific documents.


Output 1: Develop derivatives of the 1st annual report (2022) on pandemic and epidemic preparedness published early 2023.
Expected by: June 2023.

  • Activity 1.1:  To develop at least 3 LinkedIn posts for Director EPP.
  • Activity 1.2:  To develop at least 10 Twitter posts for Director EPP.

Output 2: Outline of the 2nd annual report (2023) on pandemic and epidemic preparedness revised based on experts feedback.
Expected by: July 2023.

  • Activity 2.1: Organize meetings with relevant experts to gather their inputs.
  • Activity 2.2: Integrate feedback from experts.
  • Activity 2.3: Conduct literature reviews for areas requiring more information.

Output 3: Foresight article ready to be published.
Expected by: August 2023.

  • Activity 3.1: Draft foresight article based on EFI recent activities in the areas.
  • Activity 3.2: Facilitate the clearance process.
  • Activity 3.3: Ensure timely publication in the WHO Weekly Epidemiological report and at least one peer-reviewed journal.
  • Activity 3.4: Prepare relevant derivatives (PPT, LinkedIn or Twitter posts, etc.) as necessary.

Output 4: Inputs from the STAG-IH annual meeting integrated to the draft annual report.
Expected by: September 2023.

  • Activity 4.1: Attend the STAG-IH annual report early October 2023 and take notes.
  • Activity 4.2: Integrate main discussion points to the draft annual report.
  • Activity 4.3: Prepare “STAG-IH recommendations” for distribution to Senior Leadership.

Output 5: Organize epidemics version 2 translated in the 6 UN languages.
Expected by: October 2023.

  • Activity 5.1: Organize the process with the company hired to translate the Managing Epidemics v2.
  • Activity 5.2: Facilitate the clearance process.
  • Activity 5.3: Ensure timely publication of the translated versions.

Output 6: Content of the 2nd annual report (2023) on pandemic and epidemic preparedness finalized.
Expected by: November 2023.

  • Activity 6.1: Finalize the annual report.
  • Activity 6.2: Facilitate the clearance process.
  • Activity 6.3: Follow up with designer and WHO Press to ensure timely publication.

Qualifications, experience, skills and languages.

Educational Qualifications:


  • Advanced University degree degree in health, health sciences, life sciences.


  • PhD in health, health sciences, or life sciences.



  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in scientific research.
  • Demonstrated professional experience in evidence/literature review experience.
  • Publication experience with peer-reviewed journal (attach publication list) as first author, or peer-reviewed journal.
  • Demonstrated experience in technical editing.


  • Experience related to infectious diseases.


  • Expertise in copyediting with WHO style.
  • Knowledge of research methods (public health, health science, epidemiology).
  • Expertise in literature search.
  • Expertise in reference/bibliography management.
  • Knowledge of MS office (Word, Excel, PPT) and other essential software computer literacy.
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